Whether your taste is for Texas barbecue famous for beef brisket, Memphis barbecue known for wet or dry pork ribs, Kansas City barbecue where sweet barbecue sauce reigns supreme, or for the unique vinegar based pork featured in Carolina style barbecue…you agree barbecue reins king in your heart. Barbecue is special. The history of barbecue is as long and varied as the methods of cooking are today.

You have a passion for cooking great barbecue. Whether you want sweet and spicy barbecue ribs, the most tender and best tasting barbecue brisket, fall off the bone moist barbecue chicken, or tender pull apart barbecue pork butts. You have come to the right place to find the answers to your questions.

It does not matter is you are new to the barbecue cooking, have a few cooks on your pit, or are a seasoned pitmaster. It does not matter if you cook on a Weber grill, a barbecue pit, a barbecue smoker, a gas grill, a barbecue charcoal grill, a brick pit or a $15,000 custom trailer barbecue smoker. There is always something new to learn and give a try in the world of barbecue. What you want to achieve is the finest, best tasting, juiciest barbecue you can cook in the easiest manner possible.

Estimates say that more than 22 million people fire up the grill, the smoker, or some kind of barbecue pit everyday in the United States.

The question you need to ask yourself. Am I cooking the best barbecue I am capable of or am I missing something?

What you will learn now!!!

  • Smoked barbecue brisket
  • Barbecue ribs – spares, baby backs, and country style
  • Smoked chicken and turkey (including beer butt chicken)
  • Smoked pork butts, pork loins and tenderloins
  • Barbecue rubs and barbecue marinades
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Barbecue tools and equipment
  • History of barbecue
  • Regional barbecue styles and differences

Barbecue has long been chosen as the food of choice for large gatherings of people. Family get togethers, weddings, block parties, or 4th of July celebrations are all favorite times for barbecue. Politicians have long been serving barbecue at fundraisers and to celebrate the end of a successful campaigns. Fundraisers for the boy scouts, little league baseball and churches are always serving up barbecue.

It is no wonder that the true passion for BBQ runs so deep in our lives. We have all been influenced by barbecue and the one that cooks the best barbecue is the one they all speak so highly of.

The internet is a great resource for finding information on subjects that interest you. You have found a diamond in the haystack. Congratulations!! is here to answer your barbecue questions, to give you the inside edge with barbecue tips and barbecue secrets most pitmasters hold so closely to their chest and never reveal to anyone.

You are the lucky one. You are going to learn how to cook some great barbecue. You are about to gain the information, the knowledge, and know how.

You know, one of my favorite places in the entire world is Disney World in Orlando. There are only a couple of places that you can go to and completely forget about the real world. Disney World is one of those special places. If you have been there, you have experienced that same feeling.

One of my favorite rides is the Rock’N Roller Coaster at MGM Studios. You agree-what a ride! What a rush! As you wait in the area outside of the sound stage, listen carefully to the words. What they say is they are going to turn the rock’n roll world upside down! And they deliver on their promise.

Hold on! You are getting ready to turn your barbecue world upside down! And we deliver on our promise to you.

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